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Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging:  Unfortunately, staging can be expensive and, depending on how much furniture-moving it entails, time-consuming. Virtual Staging is a technology that enables real estate agents to stage your home online.  As more agencies embrace this service, the results are yielding positive results for both sellers and buyers.  This is something that we have embraced and it has shown some positive results.  We recently took over a listing which had been previously listed with another agency in Chester, New York.  The home had been completely renovated but was completely vacant. This particular home had an odd floor plan so it was hard for potential buyers to visualize how their furniture would fit and/or be layed out.  We recognized that if we marketed the home in the same manner that the previous manner, we would get similar results (It wouldn’t sell).

Over 25 years of experience has taught me that only 2 things sell a house: Price and Exposure.  In this particular case, the price was right but the property was not being exposed to possible buyers in it’s best light. I’m not suggesting that we need to do virtual staging for every home, but it certainly should be considered in homes that have difficult layouts to envision your furniture in….same home in pictures below…but entirely different feel! 🙂     SOLD in 7 Days!














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