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Simple Fact to Help You Sell Your Home

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Are you ready to sell but in need of guidance to make your home stand out to potential buyers? Watch this short clip for answers to the most commonly asked questions sellers have when preparing their home for sale.

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Marketing Make A Difference! Here’s a couple sample videos of our work


8 Keith Lane, Monroe (Round Lake)

Home Staging in the Hudson Valley

You want buyers to see your house, not your knickknacks. Interior designer Carriann Johnson offers her advice on staging to sell. Decluttering is a big part of staging.  Often personal items can distract a potential buyer.  We offer our clients a free consultation with a local, professional home stages.

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Local Home Stagers that I recommend:

Claudia  Jacobs (Claudia Jacobs Designs)

Christine Spitale (Sunflower Staging)

Preparing Your Home for the Right Buyer

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Why is my home not selling?

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Staging your home yourself!

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Separating Wants from Needs

Great tips here to buy what you can afford! 🙂

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Update on YMCA Pool in Monroe

Tips for Successfully Marketing Your Home

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Top 5 Issues in Preparing Your Home for Sale

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Make your home Fit To Sell by addressing the top five issues that tend to turn off buyers. This video will go over how to identify the issues that most detract from a quick sale at the best price. Make sure your home is Fit To Sell.

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Can I put a pool in? HV Home Team visits the Cornwall Building Department

Colin Seitz of HV Home Team once again going above and beyond to service one of his listings….which resulted in another high-end sale.  The only way that this particular buyer would consider purchasing this home was if they could put in an inground pool.

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Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging:  Unfortunately, staging can be expensive and, depending on how much furniture-moving it entails, time-consuming. Virtual Staging is a technology that enables real estate agents to stage your home online.  As more agencies embrace this service, the results are yielding positive results for both sellers and buyers.  This is something that we have embraced and it has shown some positive results.  We recently took over a listing which had been previously listed with another agency in Chester, New York.  The home had been completely renovated but was completely vacant. This particular home had an odd floor plan so it was hard for potential buyers to visualize how their furniture would fit and/or be layed out.  We recognized that if we marketed the home in the same manner that the previous manner, we would get similar results (It wouldn’t sell).

Over 25 years of experience has taught me that only 2 things sell a house: Price and Exposure.  In this particular case, the price was right but the property was not being exposed to possible buyers in it’s best light. I’m not suggesting that we need to do virtual staging for every home, but it certainly should be considered in homes that have difficult layouts to envision your furniture in….same home in pictures below…but entirely different feel! 🙂     SOLD in 7 Days!














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Well Water Testing

Don’t push the panic button! We are here to help. It is very common for a water test to fail during a home inspection.  Colin Seitz of HV Home Team at RE/MAX demonstrates a real situation where the first water test failed. He covers everything from exactly how to collect the sample, where to bring it, shocking the well, re-testing….to getting the desired clean results.

EnviroTest Labs (Newburgh)

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